My woodworking career started back in 2003 when I landed a job at a custom/production furniture shop in Berkeley while taking a course on woodworking at a local college. I had the opportunity to fulfill various job positions within the company through the years, starting with delivery/final assembly, progressing to installation, veneering, CNC operator and currently project lead for the kitchen team.

Wanting to build and learn more, I  set up my own shop space where I spent weeknights and weekends honing my skills at a much more personal pace. With a small shop, I have incorporated more use of hand tools, which has broaden my overall feel for the work and given me more options for both process and design ideas. 

Experience in both a production-pace shop and time in my own shop has made me a more efficient and precise maker. Working with wood gives me an opportunity to be both technical and artistic, it's what I love about woodworking the most. Knowing what I've put into each piece and the role it plays in my clients' day to day lives is equally satisfying.

So feel free to contact me about your next project or if you see something that interest you on this site  and thanks again for taking the time.


Fap Vo